Listed below are a few of our most frequently asked questions. If after reading this section you still have questions, please feel free to contact a reservation specialist at 941-629-9191.


Q: Is there a 2 item minimum?

A:  In order to ensure our ability to bring the best comedians to Port Charlotte, we ask that you respect our two item minimum policy. This can include any combination of nearly 100 choices of food or drink items. A surcharge of $10 will be added to each individual's check in the instance you do not meet the 2 item minimum policy. 


Q: Can we purchase show only tickets for Music Events?

A: Music Events are sold as a dinner and show package ONLY. If you would like to join us for a show only please visit us on a comedy night.


Q: What is the age limit?

A: Children may be 13 years old to enjoy our Music Events. However, to enjoy most Comedy Events we ask that everyone in your party be at least 23 years of age unless accompanied by an adult, in which case  18 year olds are permitted. Dinner ONLY guests of all ages are welcome. 


Q: Is there a dress code at Visani?

A: Dress attire at Visani is casual, however we do encourage you to dress to impress!


Q: Does Visani accommodate special dietary restrictions?

A: Our freshly prepared Chef Selection Menu can fit most dietary restrictions including but not limited to : Vegan, Vegetarian or Gluten free. Please make sure to notify your server upon his/her table greeting. 


Q: Do you have a seating chart of the venue available for viewing?

A: Due to irregular party sizes and constant shifting of the dining room, Visani can not provide guests with a floor plan or seating chart for reservations. However, if you would like to contact our reservations specialists at the number listed above they will be happy to explain to you in great detail what is available for each particular show. They are available for your call Tuesday through Saturday 10AM-9PM.


Q: How do I pick up/receive my show tickets?

A: Tickets are received the night of your reservation. Upon check in with the front desk you will be handed your tickets for the event. If tickets are purchased online, one of our specialists will contact you with specific table options and time of arrival. 


Q: How long are your shows?

A: All events at Visani typically run 90 minutes. However, due to the fact that our kitchen freshly prepares each and every entree to order the start time of our shows may be delayed because of high volume. We try to ensure that nearly every guest has their food before the start of the show.


Q: Can we eat during the show?

A: Although we encourage our guests to dine before the show, our kitchen remains open as long as the bar is open. (Until the end of the event)


Q: What credit cards are accepted?

A: Visani is happy to accept all major credit cards EXCEPT American Express. 


Q: Do show tickets have to be paid in advance?

A: ALL special event tickets have to be paid at the time of your reservation. Also ALL parties of 5 or more have to be paid in advanced, regardless of the show.